In memory of Honorary President Shoichiro Toyoda

February 15, 2023

 Shoichiro Toyoda, Honorary President of the Nagoya University Alumni Association, approved the Associationfs founding principle: to act as a bridge between the University and society. He served as President of the Association for 18 years, from its founding in October 2002 until October 2020.
 During his time as President, Toyoda worked tirelessly to see the creation of our 4 domestic branches, Kansai, Enshu, Kanto and Gifu, and establish 15 overseas branches, in South Korea, Bangladesh, Shanghai, Thailand, Beijing, Vietnam, Cambodia, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Taiwan, Laos, Myanmar, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia.
 He also made an immeasurable contribution to NUAL through the implementation of the University Support Projects scheme, the issuing of an alumni credit card (NU Credit Card), organizing lectures and charity talks, and developing a variety of communication efforts and activities with the University as a whole.
 We will carry on Honorary President Toyodafs vision to strengthen the links between Nagoya University and its alumni and to contribute to the advancement of the University and of society. We hope that NUAL will continue to be a source of support for each and every one of our alumni, who can always be proud to be graduates of Nagoya University.  We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Honorary President Toyoda for everything he has given the Nagoya University Alumni Association. May his soul rest in peace.

Shibata Masaharu

President, Nagoya University Alumni Association