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Donation from the NUAL Korea branch

Nagoya University received a donation from the NUAL Korea branch intended to help the Nagoya University students suffering from the Tohoku Earthquake. The donation was handed to the president, Professor Hamaguchi, directly from the chairperson of the NUAL Korea branch, Professor Seong-Woo Wang, who visited the university on Tuesday, June 28, 2011.

The NUAL Korea branch was established in May 2005 as the first overseas branch, and currently more than 50 members are doing various activities including general meetings and friendship gatherings. A researcher at Meijo University and graduate of the school of law, Nagoya University, Dr. Kim Kwangwook the executive coordinator, Professor Yoshito Ito, and the chief of liaison committee, Associate Professor Tomio Nakano also attended the meeting.

The president expressed his deep gratitude to Professor. Wang and asked him for his continuous support for Nagoya University.

At the meeting, there was a discussion and exchange of ideas on topics such as Nagoya University’s response to the scheduled blackouts caused by the Tohoku Earthquake, the international relations promotion program “Campus Asia,” and the condition of higher education in both countries.


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