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Welcome Party held by the NUAL Thailand Branch for the Nagoya University President, Professor Hamaguchi

A welcome party was held in Bangkok, by the NUAL Thailand branch, for the Nagoya University president, Professor Hamaguchi who visited Thailand for a meeting on Academic Consortium 21 on July 19, 2012. The party was held at a conference room in the Rama Gardens Hotel, the same place where its organizational meeting of the branch was held approximately 7 years ago, on December 14, 2005. Professor Hamaguchi, Emeritus Professor Katsuki Ito (Graduate School of Medicine), Emeritus Professor Saito (Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences), Professor Yamauchi (Director of International Cooperation Center for Agricultural Education), Professor Tanaka (Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences), Assistant Professor Kampeeraparb (Graduate School of International Development), Professor Haraguchi (Green Mobility Collaborative Research Center), Associate Professor Ido (Coordinator of Academic Consortium 21), Ms. Kamazawa (Vice-Director of International Planning Division, International Affairs Department), and Professor Yoshito Itoh (Executive Coordinator of NUAL) attended the party as representatives of Japan. Representatives from Thailand that were in attendance included the chairperson of the NUAL Thailand branch, Professor Suprasert and three vice-chairpersons who graduated from Nagoya University, as well as, Japanese graduates living in Thailand. The total number of participants in attendance was approximately 50.

The first chairperson of the NUAL Thailand branch, Dr. Neungpanich Sinchaisri passed away from cancer. Professor Apinun Suprasert, the dean of faculty of veterinary at Kasetsart University, took up the post as the second chairperson. Emeritus Professor Saito assistance was essential to the Thailand branch when it was first established, and he also supported the branch this time around. He prepared a name list of Thai nationals who had experience studying at Nagoya University.

Professor Suprasert prepared a pamphlet for the party as Photo 1 shows. The party started at 6:00pm on July 19. Professor Suprasert made a welcome address, as well as, Mr. Akihiko Motoo, the chairperson of Nagoya University Japanese Association in Thailand (Director of Advanced Laser Technology). Mr. Motoo who has lived in Bangkok for a long time was the person who helped us to make academic gowns in Thailand and import them to Nagoya University.

Then, Professor Hamaguchi made a speech. He thanked everyone for the warm welcome and asked for further supports. After that, Professor Suprasert and Professor Hamaguchi exchanged the memorial gifts (Photo 2).

Professor Suprasert gave a presentation using PPT slides about memories of the Nagoya University graduates and the NUAL Thailand branch establishment. Everybody enjoyed his great presentation. Then, a memorial photo of the participants was taken on a stage (Photo 3).

During dinner, the participants took photos with Professor Hamaguchi as he visited each table. It was a very friendly party. At the end, the participants took group photos of each department and the party was successfully concluded.

During Professor Hamaguchi’s visit to Thailand, he attended the Chulalongkorn University graduation ceremony wearing the Nagoya University’s academic gown (Photo 4). He also made a courtesy visit to Chulabhorn Graduate Institute, which has a vast campus and is famous for its department of medicine that has more than 1000 students per grade.

The party was a great opportunity for NUAL to meet many of the Nagoya University graduates and to confirm the possibility of contributing to internationalization of Nagoya University using various avenues, such as AC21.

Welcome Party Agenda

Photo 1: Welcome Party Agenda

Professor Suprasert and Professor Hamaguchi

Photo 2: Professor Suprasert and Professor Hamaguchi

 Memorial Photo of the Participants

Photo 3: Memorial Photo of the Participants

The Chulalongkorn University Graduation Ceremony

Photo 4: The Chulalongkorn University Graduation Ceremony

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