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Inaugural Meeting of the Laos Branch

An organizational meeting was held at the Lao Plaza Hotel, located in Vientiane, on Friday, December 14, 2012 to celebrate the establishment of NUALfs 11th overseas branch, Laos branch. Approximately 40 people, including 20 out of 59 alumni in Laos, attended the meeting. Six people including the university president, Professor Michinari Hamaguchi, and the vice-president, Professor Masanori Aikyo, from Nagoya University, and the chief of liaison committee, Professor Nakano from NUAL attended the meeting. Although the temperature reached nearly 30 degree during the day time, it was relatively conformable because December is the dry season in Laos.

Due to institutional reasons, the Laos branch was established as one of the departments of Japan Alumni of Laos (JAOL), which is an institution for students that studied in Japan.

Ms. Vilay Langkavong (Faculty of Laws and Political Sciences, National University of Laos) moderated and her husband, Dr. Hiroyuki Seto (Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University), translated Lao into Japanese at the meeting, which started from 5:00pm.

Firstly, Mr. Chansana Sichanthongthip, director of JAOL, addressed the official establishment of the NUAL Laos branch and Dr. Bounfeng Phoummalaysith, director of Ministry of Health Cabinet (Finished the first YLP training program), was appointed as a chairperson; also, 5 alumni were appointed as additional board members. Then, Dr. Ponmek Dalaloy, director of Laos-Japan Friendship Association, made a congratulatory address. After that, the chief of liaison committee, Professor Nakano, explained the mandate of NUAL and asked the Laos branch to be Nagoya Universityfs base for international exchange. He also mentioned that NUAL in going to invite Dr. Bounfeng for its homecoming day next year.

After Mr. Masato Iso, minister of the Embassy of Japan in the Lao PDR, made an address, Professor Hamaguchi made a congratulatory address for the establishment of the branch and explained the recent activities of international students at Nagoya University. Lastly, he offered his best wishes for the success and growth of the branch.

By receiving Professor Hamaguchifs address, Dr. Bounfeng mentioned that he feels the meeting is going to be a preface that enhances the cohesion and friendship among alumni in Laos, as well as teachers and students at Nagoya University. He also expressed that the Laos branch should be developed by deepening its partnership with Nagoya University and NUAL. Following these remarks, Professor Hamaguchi gave a certification, a branch banner, and a memorial gift to Dr. Bounfeng. Lastly, attendees took a memorial photo to close out the meeting.

A reception party was held after the meeting. It was opened with a toast by Professor Aikyo, which lightened the atmosphere. At the party, a group of people who finished the YLP training program took photos with Professor Hamaguchi, Professor Nobuyuki Hamajima, and Executive Advisor Katsuki Ito, who taught at YLP. Also, a group of graduates from the Graduate School of Law took photos with Professor Hamaguchi and Professor Aikyo who taught while they were attending Nagoya University. Everybody enjoyed the party, so it seemed the time passed quickly. The party was closed with an address by Mr. Chitmanonh, president of the Bureau of Legislation and one of the board members of the NUAL Laos branch.

The establishment of the NUAL Laos branch appeared in a newspaper article. (both Lao and English)

Conferment of the Branch banner

Conferment of the Branch banner

The Memorial Photo

The Memorial Photo

Local Newspaper gKPL NEWSh (December 20, 2012)

Local Newspaper gKPL NEWSh (December 20, 2012)

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