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Establishment of the Indonesian Chapter of the Nagoya University Alumni Association

On Friday August 30 2013, the Inaugural Meeting of the Indonesia Chapter of the Nagoya University Alumni Association was held at the Italian restaurant MISTICANZA (meaning emixedf in Italian), on the first floor of the high-rise condominium Shahid Sudiman Residence, in the heart of Indonesiafs capital, Jakarta. This marked the formation of the 13th overseas chapter of NUAL. Indonesia is home to more than 200 past students of Nagoya University. In attendance at the event from Nagoya University were Board of Trustees President Hamaguchi and former Specially Appointed Professor Hiranaka, and from NUAL were the Chief of the Liaison Committee Associate Professor Nakano and myself. From Indonesia, we were glad to welcome not only past students of Nagoya University but also four current participants of the Global 30, who were visiting home during the summer vacation. In all, there were almost 50 Indonesian participants, some of whom flew from other parts of the country. Originally, we were expecting former Indonesia President Habibie (Honorary Doctor of Nagoya University) to be present, but unfortunately he informed us during a luncheon at his residence that an urgent matter had arisen and he was unable to attend. Around ten Japanese alumni currently residing in Indonesia also attended the inaugural meeting. I was delighted that a classmate of mine, Mr Ooishi (Oriental Consultants), along with the son of one of my beloved teachers, Mr Nishihata (Taisei Corporation) were able to attend. We were also honored to welcome Minister Shindou, First Secretary Minami and Mr Ilham from the Japanese Embassy.

Despite being a tropical city just six degrees south of the equator, the temperature in Jakarta was slightly cooler than that in Nagoya, with a comfortable breeze. Although we had been told it was a particularly wet time of year, it did not rain once during our stay. A variety of large trees boasted beautiful flowers like colourful Bougainvillea and white Plumeria.

As the streets of Jakarta are extremely congested, we knew that it would be difficult for all attendees to meet at the set time of 7pm, and so a meet-and-greet reception was held before the official inaugural meeting. By 7:15, around 60 members, including Chapter President Dr. Risal Affandi Lukman (Deputy Minister of the Indonesian Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs and Doctoral Graduate of the Graduate School of International Development, 2000) had arrived, and our Master of Ceremonies Associate Professor Nakano announced the start of the proceedings. Proceedings were conducted in Indonesian and Japanese, with interpreting by Ms. Bella (Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ). The meeting began with an address from Board of Trustees President Hamaguchi, who spoke of his delight at the establishment of the new chapter; the fact that Nagoya University currently hosts more than 60 Indonesian students; that our university was named by MEXT as one of the top 4 research universities in Japan; and of his anticipation for wide support for the new Indonesian Chapter, as it will act not only as an emotional support for graduates but also contribute to the universityfs relationship with countries in Asia.

I then gave my address as Executive Coordinator, clad in formal Indonesian dress a Batik. I conveyed President Toyodafs congratulations, and expressed thanks to those who made the establishment of the new chapter possible. I also explained the history and mission of the Nagoya University Alumni Association, and informed attendees that the electronic membersf registry is now being administered by the university, and a new web-accessible system will allow members to change their registered address over the internet. Finally, I expressed my hopes that NUAL would become a point of international exchange for Nagoya University, and invited members to attend a home meeting to be held by Dr. Risal on October 19.

After these addresses, President Hamaguchi personally presented Chapter President Risal with the Certificate of Chapter Recognition, the Chapter Flag, and a crystal ornament containing a laser-sculpted model of the Toyoda Auditorium, brought from Japan. Dr. Risal then gave a long, heart-felt address expressing the delight of alumni members at the establishment of the Indonesian Chapter, and his willingness to assist Nagoya University and the Alumni Association in any way in the future.

After the closure of proceedings, attendees took commemorative group photos with the Chapter Flag. The group had to be divided into separate photos because of the large number of members who attended. Networking and dinner continued after the proceedings, and the event was enjoyed by all.

There had been discussion of the need for an Indonesian Chapter for quite some time, but some difficulty had been met in finding suitable alumni to act as Chapter President and in other coordination roles. It was then that Professor Nakano enlisted the help of Mr. Masayuki Mizuno, a 1974 graduate of the Department of Economics and employee of Mitsubishi Corporation in Indonesia, to find Dr. Risal. Agung Sri Hendarsa, Graduate School of Engineering masters graduate, class of 2005, also agreed to be Executive Head. Following this, Mr Mizuno returned to Japan and Mr. Tetsushi Yoshida (Department of Law, class of 2006, MU Research and Consulting Indonesia, on assignment from the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ) took over his duties assisting Mr Agung with preparations for the event. I would like to take this opportunity to thank these members for their invaluable contribution.

Nagoya University Alumni Association Executive Coordinator
Yoshito Itoh

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