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The following is the privacy policy of the Nagoya University Alumni Association.

  • 1. The Nagoya University Alumni Association (NUAL) uses the NUAL member roster to send information from Nagoya University, NUAL, and all branches of NUAL for the chief purpose of public relations with its members.
  • 2. NUAL will not tender or disclose private information of any member to any third party other than a service-entrusted company (e.g., direct mail service) without the consent of the member. However, if disclosure is required by legal statute or by a court of law or public agency, such as a law enforcement organization, NUAL may tender or disclose private information without the consent of the member.
  • 3. In managing private information, NUAL will comply with laws protecting private information, take care not to damage members' interests, and strive to protect members' private information.
  • *The Nagoya University Alumni Association will not publish a roster of its members.

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