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Founding Principles of the Nagoya University Alumni Association

Today's universities are facing great change and searching for new roles. In 2000, as part of this evolution, Nagoya University composed an Academic Charter which states that the University must actively promote information dispatch and personnel exchanges in order to continuously fulfill its responsibilities as a pivotal national university. In order for the University to look towards society at large so that it can support and participate in research, education and the exchange of information, it requires the cooperation not only of its current students and staff but also of its alumni. Thus, the Alumni Association is being called on to play an essential role in the University's future.

Traditionally, the role of the Alumni Association branches has been to exchange information and promote friendship among alumni. However, such activities, limited to the branch offices, have not often succeeded in reaching the entire University. Henceforth, a new kind of alumni association activity is needed to widely circulate information about research and education at Nagoya University, to make known the social contributions of its alumni, and to strengthen ties between the University and its graduates.

For Nagoya University to develop into a university that is open to society at large, the University and its Alumni Association must forge a close relationship, and collaborate to further increase the level of information disclosure in response to social demands. For Nagoya University alumni, the sharing of information outside their own field of specialty has long been of the greatest importance, and this can only be achieved through an alumni association that functions across the University.

The Nagoya University Alumni Association (NUAL) will carry out the following activities.

  • 1)In a university-wide perspective, NUAL will provide opportunities for interactions between alumni, students and teachers, in collaboration with NUAL branches. NUAL will also circulate information about Nagoya University's various activities.
  • 2)As a key comprehensive university in the Chubu region, Nagoya University has strong social and industrial ties in the region. NUAL will become a nucleus for these relationships through cooperation with NUAL branches. In other words, through university-wide circulation of information and human exchanges, NUAL will play a central role in opening up Nagoya University to society at large.
  • 3)In a university-wide perspective, NUAL will support research, education, and students, cultivating individuals who can take on leading roles both domestically and internationally with the aim of contributing to human welfare, cultural development, and industry. It will collaborate with the University to attract outstanding individuals and build up Nagoya University's reputation.
  • 4)NUAL will learn about the social contributions of its alumni, including former international students, and use this knowledge as the basis for promoting information and human exchanges.
  • 5)While aiming for mutual cooperation and collaboration between its branches, NUAL will support crossover activities and the creation of organizations that extend beyond its branches.

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