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No.41 2024.03 Report on the 19th Annual Homecoming Day PDF(2.1MB)
No.40 2023.10 NUAL United States Chapter Established PDF(2.8MB)
No.39 2023.03 NUAL United States Chapter Established PDF(2.5MB)
No.38 2022.10 Interview with President Sugiyama PDF(2.1MB)
No.37 2022.03 Report on the 17th Annual Homecoming Day PDF(2.1MB)
No.36 2021.10 Report on the NUAL 2020 Lecture(webinar) PDF(1.7MB)
No.35 2021.03 Inaugural address from President of NUAL Masaharu Shibata PDF(3.5MB)
No.34 2020.10 NUAL Latest Activity:A Report by Cheif Secretary PDF(2.4MB)
No.33 2020.03 Report on the 15th annual Homecoming Day PDF(3.8MB)
No.32 2019.10 Gifu Branch established as the 4th domestic Branch PDF(3.1MB)
No.31 2019.03 Report on the 14th annual Homecoming Day PDF(3.6MB)
No.30 2018.10 Summit Meeting of NUAL Associations PDF(3.6MB)
No.29 2018.03 Report on the 13th annual Homecoming Day PDF(3.6MB)
No.28 2017.10 Summit Meeting of NUAL Associations PDF(3.5MB)
No.27 2017.03 2017.3 Greeting from NUAL fs new Chief Sectretary PDF(3.2MB)
No.26 2016.10 Learning Together with Asia countries and fostering human resource for challenging the world PDF(3.3MB)
No.25 2016.03 The Events at The 11th Home-Coming Day PDF(3.4MB)
No.24 2015.04 Interview with President Matsuo PDF(3.0MB)
No.23 2015.03 Celebrating the Nobel Physics Prize Win of Dr.Akasaki and Dr.Amano PDF(3.8MB)
No.22 2014.10 Disaster Mitigation Research Center and Disaster Mitigation Research Building PDF(3.2MB)
No.21 2014.03 The Events at The 9th Home-Coming Day PDF(6.6MB)
No.20 2013.10 60Years Anniversary of Nagoya University Men's Chorus Group PDF(5.6MB)
No.19 2013.03 Report of the NUAL 10th AnniversaryMemorial Project PDF(6.3MB)
10th Anniversary Commemorative
Issue of NUAL
2012.10 PDF(7.9MB)
No.18 2012.10 The 10-year History of the Nagoya University Alumni Association PDF(6.2MB)
No.17 2012.03 Report of the 7th Homecoming Day PDF(6.6MB)
No.16 2011.10 The Current State of Meidaisai
Nagoya University Students in Action
No.15 2011.03 Report on the 6th Homecoming Day
Bringing back the Nagoya University Cheerleaders
No.14 Oct, 2010 Kyoto Prize Laureate University Professor Isamu Akasaki PDF(5.7MB)
No.13 Mar, 2010 Ceremony Celebrates Nagoya University's 70th Anniversary and 138th Year Since Original Foundation PDF(9.1MB)
No.12 Oct, 2009 On the Occasion of the70th Anniversary of the Foundation of Nagoya University PDF(5.2MB)
No.11 Mar, 2009 2008 Nobel Prize Awarded to Three Researchers with Ties to Nagoya University PDF(6.3MB)
No.10 Oct, 2008 Toyoda Auditorium, Now PDF(5.4MB)
No.9 Feb, 2008 Toyota Auditorium, Nagoya University PDF(5.7MB)
No.8 Mar, 2007 NU Second Home Coming Day PDF(2.8MB)
No.7 Sep, 2006 Nagoya University: Past and Present PDF(2.5MB)
No.6 Mar, 2006 NU Home Coming Day 2005 and NUAL Fourth General Meeting PDF(4.6MB)
No.5 Oct, 2005 NUAL Korean Branch founded PDF(4.3MB)
No.4 Mar, 2005 The Third General Meeting of Nagoya University Alumni Association PDF(2.6MB)
No.3 Jun, 2004   PDF(1.4MB)
No.2 Mar, 2003   PDF(136KB)
No.1 Sep, 2002   PDF(876KB)

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